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Four Seasons of Shosenkyo

Shosenkyo is Japan’s most beautiful gorge full of wonderful nature

About Shosenkyo

Shosenkyo is a gorge which is in one of the most beautiful national parks in Japan located in the north part of Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture.

There is a trail about 4 km from the Nagatoro-bashi, which is well known as the gateway to Shosenkyo, and you can see granite cliffs and oddly-shaped rocks such as monkey, Mt.Fuji and Tengu (=Japanese goblin which has an unusually long nose on its red face) along the trail.The trail is the best for hiking and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in each of the four seasons.

Moreover, its wonderful nature can be seen in good water; it is included in “the Heisei Era 100 best water sites”. It has been keeping its good water quality for long time.


Shosenkyo is selected as number one spot for gorges in the 100 best tourist sites in Japan.It is also amazing that we can enjoy this marvelous, beautiful gorge with only about 20 minutes drive from Kofu Station.

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Recommend Gourmet in Shosenkyo


Hoto is a traditional local dish which has been loved in Yamanashi prefecture. It is made by stewing flat noodles made with kneaded flour with seasonal vegetables and meat such as pumpkins, Japanese radishes and carrots in miso based soup.

Koshu Ozara

Koshu Ozara is a local dish in Yamanashi prefecture. It is also called “Summer Version of Hoto”.They eat freezing cold Hoto with hot soup.

Mitake Soba

Tradition says many practitioners of austerities who visited Mt.Kinpu, which is known as a sacred place for mountain worship, ate this soba at Shosenkyo."Mitake" means the official name of Shosenkyo, that is, Mitake Shosenkyo.

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The symbol of Shosenkyo- “Kakuenpo”

From Green Line Car Park

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Kofu Basin and Fujiyama

From Ropeway Sancho station

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Arakawa Dam and Nosenko Lake

From Ropeway Sancho station

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